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Helping our seniors in need without wearing capes

Happy Senior Couple
Why Us

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Conversations for you

Whether it is a casual chitchat, you feeling like sharing a happy memory or a sad one, we're here to listen and support you. Whatever it might be we'll be sure to lighten the mood and make you feel great!

Activity information  at a command

Curating social activities and information that otherwise would take hours to find. All made available at your voice command. At the same time leveraging the support network to point you in the right direction of resource hubs.

You control your privacy

Feel free to share as little or as much as you want. You don't need to sign up for Anna and you don't need to provide an answer to everything we ask. You have control of your data and the information you share.

Simple Interface

We believe everyone has the right to access and fully use the most up-to-date technology but it shouldn't be complex but simple

How we can help you!

Helping those who need our help the most is what we do! Annabot has helped many people and it can help you too!

Everybody Loves Annabot

How It Works
Our Supporters and Collaborators
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“I’m glad you’re taking care of him [my dad] and his insanity.”

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Want to become a Hero! Help us, help seniors!

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